Woodburn Alumni Weddings

Marriages of those who both attended Woodburn school.

Levi Cochran and Mary Elizabeth "Bessie" Lee.
She was a member of the first Woodburn graduating class in 1901.
Married November 23, 1902

May Davis and Charles Martin
Married October 7, 1905

Maude Critchfield and Clyde Hill
Married May 1, 1907

Viola Heston and Loren Davis 
Married March 12, 1927

Charline Cline and Horace Oliver 
Married June 15, 1929

Merle Davenport and Ella Oneall
Married June 21, 1930 in a triple wedding with her twin sisters.

Jean Mason and Robert Oehlert
Married January 2, 1946

Frances Steel and Marion "Mac" McKinnie
Married August 22, 1948

Barbara Boor and Ivan Mason
Married December, 1948.

Robert Wright and Phyllis Davis
Married January 29, 1950

 Cecil Davenport and Jean Webb
Married May 28, 1950

Gloria Marquis and Stanley "Bud" Steele
Married July 23, 1950

Wilbert "Gup" Smith and Rosalie Bishop
Married June 24, 1951

Roberta Norman and Joe Hayworth
Married June 30, 1951

Twyla Gardner and Norris Davis
April 13, 1952

Charles Rodgers and Kathryn Reynolds
Married September 5, 1953

Donald Gardner and Phyllis Rodgers
Married December 21, 1955


Below are some of the fine homes in Woodburn, several are no longer standing.

William Clark home.  
William with grandchildren – Aletha, Celesta, and Forrest Marquis.

Sol Critchfield home, east Woodburn, corner of Sherman Street.
Sol was a livestock buyer. 
Sol and wife, Martha are pictured in front of their home.
Later the home of the Ernest Woods family. 

T.V. Dailey home.  He was a real estate and insurance agent.
 Photo courtesy of Aletha (Ewoldsen) James.  The Ewoldsen family lived in this home at one time.  

Charles and Maude Davis home as it appeared in the 1930's.
Clare Keeney was raised by his grandmother Davis in this home.  
It is still standing in east Woodburn on Smith Street,
owned by Gary and Pam Kent.
Painted by David Keeney, son of Clare, photo courtesy of Clare.

Bruffey Rooming House on Vine (Main) Street.
Perhaps Sally and John Bruffey on the porch.
Later the telephone office when owned by:  J. Ed Oliver, Art Ecklund,
Ella Davenport, and Linda Lee.  The fire station is now on this property.

William and Blanche (Marquis) Dowell.  
Unknown man on porch, a lodger.

Two photos above, first house north of where the Woodburn Gym stood.
William Sherman and Cora Blanche (Marquis) Dowell lived here, later Bill Allen, Jiles McGhee,
Mac and Frances (Steele) McKinnie, and Stanley "Bud" and Gloria Steele.
Clay and Cris (Grimm) Paulsen lived here for a time and did a beautiful remodel on the home.

An interesting story about Jiles, he wanted certain flowers carved on their
tombstone and there wasn't room for the name.
So had them drop the h in McGhee and the stone reads McGee.
 Bud and Gloria Steele lived here later.   

Mary Smith home.
Mary and either her grandchildren or great-niece and nephew.
Located on Smith Street in west Woodburn.   
Short Wilson owned the property later.
courtesy of Sheila (Smith) Stepko

J.A. Voris home, across from the lumberyard.  
This was one of the finest homes in Woodburn.
It was built in 1902 by J.N. Coppock, son of Benjamin who founded Ottawa and was a prime investor in Woodburn.  J.N. owned the lumberyard, his family moved to Arkansas in 1904.  Mr. Voris was a banker at Woodburn, and bought the home sometime after the family moved there in 1907.    J.A. traveled considerably, leaving his wife and family at home. He brought many items home for the home and family that was rarely available to other Clarke County residents, such as wallpaper, window shades, silver, crystal, etc.    The Crist family later owned this home.  This fine old home burnt in the 1980's.

circa 1916
Jack Cline, Neva Jones Heston, Edna Crissman,
Art Ecklund, Dorothy Willey

Dr. Wade Willey's home, across the road east from the current post office.   He purchased the home and medical practice in 1902 from Dr. Walker.   Dr. Willey and family moved to Texas in 1921.

Postcard from Elizabeth Davenport Garrels
Sigler Street looking west.   


           Finley David Atherton, son of Harlan and Elsie (Mehaffey) Atherton, was born on June 25, 1919, at DeKalb, Illinois.  He was educated in the Woodburn and Weldon schools.  Finley was a veteran of World War II.  On April 9, 1950, he married Georgia Joanne Weaklend in Princeton, Missouri.  Georgia was born August 15, 1929, the daughter of George and Veva (Reese) Weaklend.  She attended Clarke County schools.    Georgia had a child by a previous marriage, Judy Marie (Roberts) Boals.
            They lived in Woodburn many years operating the Woodburn Food Market and Finley also drove a school bus.  Finley worked for the Clarke County road grader patrol for 30 years.  He was a former member of the Clarke County Sheriff’s Posse, Herndon-Oehlert Post #157 at Woodburn, and the Christian Church at Osceola.  Finley loved being outdoors - fishing, gardening and woodworking were his hobbies.  Georgia liked working in the garden, watching sports, playing cards, dancing, and visiting with people.  She was a member of the Woodburn American Legion Auxiliary.   She worked at Robinson’s and Snowdon’s in Osceola and Gross Galesburg in Chariton.  Georgia was a dispatcher for the Clarke County Sheriff’s Office for many years.  
            Finley and Georgia moved to Osceola shortly after their retirement in 1981.  Finley passed away on May 15, 1992, at Des Moines, Iowa.  Georgia passed away on May 3, 2005.   Her daughter, Judy, preceded her in death.  They are buried at the Belmont Cemetery at Milo, Iowa.
Their daughter is Sue Anne [Utley].


Glida (Cline) and Pete Boor

     Russel Warren "Pete" Boor was born on July 14, 1901, at Woodburn, IA, son of William Franklin and Lutitia Elizabeth (Dukes) Boor. He was born on the family farm on Whitebreast Creek southwest of Woodburn. Russel attended East Concord School and walked the one mile each day to and from school. After grade school he continued to work on the farm with his father, both on Whitebreast Creek and on the farm one mile south of Woodburn.
     Glida Opal Cline was born on June 4, 1904, at Woodburn, IA. She was the daughter of Elmer Ellsworth  "El" and Nettie Evelyn (Wiard) Cline.  El owned a harness shop in turn of the century Woodburn.  Glida's sisters that lived in the Woodburn area were Dorothy [Evans], Charlene [Oliver], and Ona [Powell].    She received her education in Clarke County and graduated from 11th grade at Woodburn High School in 1921 and from 12th grade in Osceola in the spring of 1922. That summer she attended Normal Training School at Chariton, Iowa, and began her teaching career in the fall of 1922 at the Lowe School south of Woodburn. She taught at Lowe two years, until her marriage.  
     Pete and Glida were married on June 10, 1924 at Indianola, IA, and lived on farms in the Woodburn area. Pete had a general trucking business and in 1943, after his father passed away, he took over the Boor Seed, Feed and Coal Business, next to the railroad tracks in Woodburn. He also had the Seed House in Woodburn. This was the wood frame building built around 1910 on the corner where Highway 104 curves into Woodburn. It became a landmark as all directions given were based on the "Seed House Corner". This building burnt in 1979.

     Glida returned to teaching in 1943, and taught at Red Wing School, south of Woodburn for one term, 1943-1944. She then taught at Center Star School north of Woodburn for eight years, 1944-1952. In the fall of 1952, Glida began teaching in the Woodburn School and taught there for nineteen years, retiring in 1971. She touched many lives and had a big influence on many children during her thirty years of teaching in Clarke County schools. She never forgot "her students" and was interested in their progress through high school and on in life.
     After Pete and Glida retired they sold their home in Woodburn in March, 1974, and moved to an apartment in Indianola and later moved to Osceola. They were both active in the community and attended all school functions while their children were in school at Woodburn. Glida was a Fifty Year Member of the Eastern Star Chapter in 352 Woodburn. Pete passed away on June 11, 1979, and Glida on October 22, 1991. They are both buried at the Woodburn Cemetery.   Their children are Barbara Jean (wife of Ivan Mason) and Bob Boor.


Harold and Wilma (Mackey) Carson

Mike and Deanna Carson family       Vicci and Raymon Carson family
Harold and Wilma's children

     Harold R. Carson was born February 4, 1920, at home near Woodburn, Iowa, son of Frank and Margaret Elizabeth (Porterfield) Carson. On September 4, 1943, he married Wilma Louise Mackey at Colorado Springs, Colorado.
     Wilma was born May 5, 1919 near Jones, Oklahoma, the daughter of William Leslie and Verna Adaline (Nyswonger) Mackey. Verna passed away on May 29, 1925, and Wilma then came to Iowa to make her home with Herb and Alta Mackey, her uncle and aunt, and their adoptive daughter, June. Wilma started to school at Woodburn in 1925 and graduated in 1937. She attended Simpson College at Indianola and Drake University in Des Moines. Wilma taught her first country school at Fox earning $50.00 a month and her next school was Red Wing.
     After school in 1943, Wilma went to Colorado Springs to visit her fiance, Harold Carson, who was in the service there. They were married on September 4. Two months later Harold was sent overseas to the CBI (China, Burma, and India) theater of war, where he spent two years. After the war, he returned home and after his discharge from service they moved to a farm north of Woodburn in 1946.
     Wilma received her Bachelor of Science degree from Drake University in 1964.  She taught science at Clarke Community Jr-Sr High in Osceola   She had a heart attack in 1977 and had to retire from teaching. She taught over 34 years and enjoyed the students. Harold and Wilma lived on the farm for 36 years, then sold it and moved to Murray in April, 1982.  Wilma passed away on October 1, 1999.   Their children are Raymon Eugene, Michael W., and Rhonda Renee, who was stillborn.

Richard and Marjory (Duree) Carson family

Back – Joyce, Shelly Adams, Albert Knight Jr., Albert Knight III, Marjorie, Tom, Sandy, Richard, Jim Barber, Judy, John.
Front – Tyler Adams, Tom Hemesath, Lisa and children- Michael, Matthew and Daniel Hemesath, Sara Carson, Trisha Barber, Sheryl Barber, Donna.

     Charles Richard Carson, son of Charles Minor and Dolly Elizabeth (Page) Carson, was born January 8, 1922, near Ottawa, Iowa. He was only 3-1/2 lbs. when he was born. The first few months of his life were spent a shoebox in the warming oven of the wood heating cookstove. He was carefully fed and tended by his grandmother, Henrietta (Barton) Page. Richard married Marjorie Bell Durrell on March 21, 1948. Marjorie was born March 30, 1924, and was in the Navy from June, 1944, until May, 1946.
     Richard and Marjorie farmed north of Ottawa on the farm that has been in Richard's family since 1855 and where Richard has lived his entire life.  The home where they live was built around the original log cabin. The original home consisted of two rooms downstairs and two rooms upstairs with a stairway on the northeast side of the room. Later a kitchen and another upstairs bedroom were built.
     Richard was on the Board of Education for 6 years, REA director for 21 years, FHA board for 6 years, and township trustee and clerk for 26 years. He has also served as Farm Bureau director, and has served them as president, secretary, and treasurer. In the middle years of his life, Richard was diagnosed with diabetes and this disease claimed his sight in 1990. Richard passed away on May 8, 1999.
     Marjorie has served as township clerk for 30 years and is a member of the Clarke County Genealogical Society, Ladies‟ Auxiliary of Herndon-Oehlert Post #157, Charter Member of the Women in Military Service Association, and served as secretary for the Methodist Sunday School for many years.   Their children are Judith Ann [Barber], Joyce Marie [McKnight], John Richard, Thomas Paul, and Lesa Kay [Hemesath].


Alice, Dee [Kilmer], Chris [Farthing], Billie

            Billie Eugene Chase was born July 11, 1925, in Shelby, Nebraska, the son of Henry and Bessie Chase.    He married Alice Emma See, born March 11, 1929, in Osceola, Iowa, the daughter of Kenneth and Lena See. 
            Billie and Alice moved to the Woodburn area in 1951.   They have been very active in the Masonic Lodge and Eastern Star in Woodburn.   Billie worked for the Clarke County ASCS office for many years.   Their children, Dee and Chris, attended Woodburn schools and graduated from Clarke Community High School in Osceola.  


     Condon Maurice Clark was born November 2, 1937, the son of Maurice and Freda (Gibson) Clark.  Condon’s family always lived in the Osceola area.  He graduated from Osceola High School and served four years in the Air Force.  He married Virginia Louise Harned on November 10, 1961.  Virginia was born on February 27, 1939, the daughter of Charles and Eleanor (Flesher) Harned.  She graduated from Indianola High School and her family moved to Murray after her graduation and later to Osceola.  Virginia worked at the Clarke County State Bank, Clarke County Mutual Telephone and ASCS office before their marriage.  Virginia met Peggy Frizzell while working at the bank, who encouraged her to write to her friend, Condon, who was in the Air Force.   This correspondence led to their marriage.
            Condon and Virginia and family moved to the Woodburn area in 1967 on the Alvin Marquis farm.  Condon and Virginia still live on this farm, having purchased part of it in 2003 and built a home.   Condon farms and enjoys woodworking when he gets the time. Virginia worked at Robinson’s Department Store in Osceola for several years and now helps Condon with the farm and also does seamstress work.  She is a beautiful seamstress, having made western suits for Condon, her daughter’s wedding dresses, and most of their clothes as they grew up.  For several years, they have been in business with Virginia’s brother, Carroll Harned.   They fabricate fenders and aftermarket parts for Harley Davidson motorcycles from fiberglass.   
            They attend the Woodburn Christian Church, where Virginia enjoys playing the organ and piano and Condon serves as Elder.  Virginia and the girls were active in the church choir.  Lynnette taught Sunday school and Bible school for many years.  Condon and Virginia were members of the Woodburn Booster Club for several years and Condon is a member of the American Legion.   Their children are Lynnette Renae [Davis] and Connie Louise [Coy].


Glenn and Cora Cottrell

Harold Glenn Cottrell was born October 21, 1902, in Wapello County, Iowa to Tom and Lottie (Grove) Cottrell.  Glenn attended rural schools at Ottumwa before coming with his parents and brother to a farm near Woodburn in 1917.  He then attended Red Wing School and graduated from Woodburn High School.  In 1925, he married Arline E. Robins who was born January 23, 1903, and died October 25, 1927.  She is buried at the Woodburn Cemetery.  On July 29, 1930, Glenn married Cora Belle Horton.  She was born July 25, 1904, in Leroy, Iowa, to John Davenport and Lizzie Jane (Benson) Horton.  Cora taught school before her marriage.          
            In April, 1928, Glenn opened the Standard Oil Gas Station, which was later a DX Service Station, known as Cottrell & Son Service Station.  He and Cora also owned the hardware store for a short time.  They attended the Woodburn Christian Church.  Cora belonged to the Eastern Star and the Legion Auxiliary.  Glenn belonged to the Masonic Lodge and the Eastern Star.  Their entire married life was spent in Woodburn.
             Glenn passed away on June 5, 1978, at Osceola, and Cora on February 12, 1984, at Osceola.  They are buried in the Woodburn Cemetery.   Glenn and Arline's children:  Harold Thomas "Tom" and Anna Dell [Gonseth].   Glenn and Cora's son is Larry Lew.

          Harold Thomas “Tom” Cottrell was born on January 29, 1926, in Clarke County, Iowa, to Glenn and Arline (Robins) Cottrell.  Tom graduated from Woodburn High School in 1944.  He served two years in the Navy and returned to Woodburn where he operated Cottrell & Son Service Station until his death.  He married LaVera Fitzpatrick on June 27, 1949, at Chariton, Iowa.  LaVera is the daughter of Patrick Vinson “P.V.” and Nellie (Viertz) Fitzpatrick.  She was born in Lucas County, Iowa, near the Clarke County line. 
            LaVera attended Woodburn High School one year and church at Woodburn during her childhood and after her marriage.  She taught school before their marriage and worked for many years at the Hy-Vee offices at Chariton, Iowa.  Tom belonged to the Woodburn Christian Church, the Woodburn Firemen, and the Woodburn American Legion.  LaVera belongs to the Catholic Church and the Woodburn Legion Auxiliary and was very active with the preservation of the Woodburn St. Mary's Catholic Church.  Tom passed away on July 10, 1994, at Methodist Hospital in Des Moines, IA.  He is buried at the Woodburn Cemetery.  Their children:  Harold Thomas Jr. "Tom", James Patrick "Jim", Dennis Eugene "Denny".


Jean (Webb), Cheryl and Cecil Davenport

         Cecil Leroy Davenport was born October 10, 1921, south of Woodburn, son of Roy and Bessie (Viertz) Davenport. Cecil attended Red Wing school through the 8th grade.  He attended Woodburn High School and graduated in 1939.   He worked in a garage before and after school that was operated by John Crist and Cecil’s brother, Merle.  He operated the turntable at dances during the late 30’s through the late 40’s, and also operated the movie projector for movies in the park.  Cecil played basketball while in high school and pitched on baseball town teams after returning from the service.   After graduation he worked for Clarke County, the pipeline, and Lockheed in California.  He enlisted in the Navy and served three years in the submarine service and was discharged in 1945.  He married Betty Jean Webb on May 28, 1950.   
             Betty Jean Webb was born April 18, 1930, in Madison County, Iowa, the daughter of Floyd “Mike” and Eva (Sink) Webb.  They lived in Dallas County before moving to Van Wert in 1934.  They lived on farms there until they moved to Clarke County, and then moved to Woodburn in 1944.  Jean attended Lewis school in Clarke County, finished 8th grade at Woodburn, and graduated from Woodburn High School in 1948.  Her three sisters and her did a lot of singing – they entered amateur contests, sang in church, and at some funerals.   After graduation, Jean worked at Miller & Garris and Banta Abstract until she was married.
         After marriage, Cecil and Jean lived in Woodburn until 1956.  Cecil had his own garage in the old seed house and for a short time in the old garage building.  He was on the Woodburn Fire Department ten years, and served on the City Council and other community projects.  He is a charter member of the reorganized American Legion.  Cecil worked for Underwood Auto in 1949, as there was no building available, then came back to Woodburn in 1950 until 1952.  He went to work for Underwood Auto in 1952 until his retirement in 1986.  Cecil died December 17, 2006.
          Jean worked as Deputy Recorder from 1952 to 1955.  She did not work outside the home until Cheryl was a senior in high school.   Jean was involved in the Woodburn Legion Auxiliary, Methodist Church, Girl Scouts,  American Heart Association, etc.  In 1974, Jean went to work at Furnas Electric, she retired in 1995, and now works part-time at the Osceola Public Library.  Their daughter is Cheryl [Zach].


Viola (Heston) and Loren Davis

            Loren Wesley Davis, son of Fred and Georgia Willa (Pownell) Davis, was born on May 2, 1906, near Woodburn.  Loren married Viola Floy Heston, daughter of Clyde and Almeda (Carson) Heston, on March 12, 1927, at Chariton, Iowa. Viola was born in Lucas County, Iowa, on Sept. 22, 1906.  She graduated from Woodburn High School and attended Corydon Junior College and Drake University.  
            Loren and Viola farmed north of Woodburn on her parent’s farm.  Loren enjoyed fishing.  He served as township assessor and on the Clarke County Board of Education.  He was a member of Unity Lodge #3212 A.F. and A.M. at Woodburn.  They were members of the Woodburn Christian Church. Viola taught at Center Star and Woodburn schools for 20 years.  Her family was very proud of her accomplishment of going back to college and returning to teaching after her children were grown. She was a member of the Eastern Star Chapter at Woodburn and the Retired Teachers Association.
            The last years of their lives they were cared for by Joanne Parmer in her home in Osceola.  Loren passed away on April 15, 1989, at Osceola, and Viola on February 13, 1991, at Osceola.  They are buried at the Woodburn Cemetery.  Their children:  Phyllis Elaine[Wright], Norris Duane and Darrell Dean.

Thelma, Steve
Scott, Darrell

        Darrell Dean Davis was born February 17, 1933, near Woodburn, son of Loren Wesley and Viola Floy (Heston) Davis. Darrell graduated from Woodburn High School in 1951.  He enjoyed playing baseball and basketball while in school.  Following graduation, he worked on the railroad for a few months, after which he went to Des Moines to work.  He joined the U.S. Coast Guard in 1952 and was sent to California for boot camp training.  After boot camp, he came back home and married Thelma Louise Ritter, daughter of Aaron and Martha Mae (Wilson) Ritter, on August 14, 1952, in Osceola, Iowa.  
            After being discharged from the service, the Davis’ moved back to Iowa.  Darrell worked at the Skelly Gas Station for several months. They moved 3 miles south of Woodburn on the Delmar Bryant farm in October, 1956, which they rented and Darrell farmed with his dad.   They later were able to purchase the Bryant farm.   
             Darrell and Thelma enjoyed watching sports – especially the Iowa Hawkeyes and movies.  They were members of the Woodburn Christian Church where Darrell served as deacon and Thelma as deaconess.  Darrell passed away on June 15, 2000, and is buried at the Woodburn Cemetery.    
            Thelma worked part-time at the Woodburn Post Office.   She enjoys crocheting, watching movies and reading, especially mysteries.   She sold the farm in 2002 and moved into a duplex in Osceola with her sister and brother-in-law, Ada and Cecil Rodda.   Their children are Steven Duane and Scott Alan.